A New Wave in Waterparks

     With the hot and humid weather in the Philippines, one can conclude that there are only two seasons in the country: hot and hotter. But don’t worry, there are a lot of water parks and resorts nearby offering not just only lap pools but pools producing different kinds of waves, a feature increasing in popularity in water parks and resorts. So you will feel the fun in the beach in the comfort of a swimming pool.


Location:        PRT Highway Ulingao, San Rafael Bulacan
Amenities:     - 2,788 sq.m. wave pool
                        - 496.87 sq.m. kiddie pool with Noah’s Ark slide
                        - Lap Pool
                        - 3 Hydro-jet Bubble Pools
                        - Safari pools with slides
                        - Food court
                        - Function Halls
                        - Playground
                        - Souvenir Shop
                        - Clinic
                        - Recreational facilities for billiards, volleyball
                        - 9-hole mini golf course
                        - Spacious bamboo huts, steel cottages and pool umbrellas
Rates:             Adult Php 250           Child Php 200
                        Opens daily Day:  9 am – 6 pm     Night:  6:30 pm – 12 mn
Contact Information:            (02) 299-8234


Location:        Santisima St. Bagong Barrio, Pandi Bulacan
Amenities:     - 3.500 sq.m. wave pool
                        - 13 magnificent big waves
                        - 40-foot man-made waterfalls
                        - Infinity pool with Jacuzzi and the famous Shrek house 
                        - 500 sq.m. Kiddie pool with life sized Dragon Ball characters
                        - Kung Fu Panda twin pool with slide
                        - Avatar themed pool
                        - Madagascar themed pool
                        - Zipline
                        - Themed cottages
                        - VIP rooms
                        - Souvenir Shop
                        - Japanese inspired Convention Hall
                        - Recreational facilities for billiards, videoke, horseback riding and fishing
Rates:             Adult Php 250           Child Php 200
                        Opens daily Day:  8:30 am – 6 pm            Night:  6:30 pm – 12 mn
Contact Information:            (02) 299-6612


Location:        Carrieland Country Homes II Ampid, San Mateo Rizal
Amenities:     - 1,950 sq.m. wave pool with mushroom & stage waterfalls
                        - Lap pool with double loop water slid
                        - Kiddie pool with whale slide
                        - Cottages
                        - Air-conditioned rooms
                        - Café and Restaurant
                        - Wi-fi Zone
                        - Clinic
                        - Team building area with zipline and wall climbing facility
                        - Open playground
                        - Recreational facilities for KTV, basketball, billiards and table tennis
Rates:             Adult Php 300           Child Php 275
                        Opens daily Day: 8am–5pm   Night:6pm–11pm  Overnight: 6pm–4am
Contact Information:            (02) 997-9999


Location:        Km 24 Manila East Road, Taytay Rizal
Amenities:     - 25 metre Lap pool and Bean pool
                        - Funtasy Lagoon: 9,100 sq. ft. gigantic pool
                        - Buzzy River: 600 ft. stream of gently flowing water
                        - Oceanwaves: the biggest wave pool and first surfing pool in the country
                        - 9-hole golf course
                        - Villas and Hotel Rooms   
                        - Facilities for Zipline, Wall Climbing and Rapelling
                        - Dona Nellia Restaurant
Rates:             Adult Php 375           Kids below 3 ft. Free
                        Opens daily Day:  7 am – 9 pm
Contact Information:            (02) 660-2801

 Location:        Southwoods Ecocentrum, Binan, Laguna
Amenities:     - Rio Montanosa: mountain-high river raft ride
                       - Dos Supremos
                       - Isla Pawikan: cottages
                       - Twisted Palms: pool with back to back 180 & 360 degree-turn slides
                       - Big Bam Boo: pool with covered tunnel slides
                       - Bannakita
                       - Balsa River: gently flowing river-like pool
                       - King Pilipit: pool with partly covered body slide
                       - Magellan's Drop: pool with giant twists in partly covered body slides
                       - Tausug Trails
                       - Agos Grandes: wave pool
                       - Boon Docks: open playground
                       - Water Wahoo: kiddie pool
                       - Twin Coco Knots: kiddie pool with twin twisters
                       - Camp Carambola: kiddie pool with land playgrounds
                       - Cave of the Orient: kiddie pool with continuous river-like ride
                       - The Harbor: facility for beach volleyball
Rates:             Adult Php 500           Child Php 400
                        Opens daily Day:  8 am – 6 pm
Contact Information:            (02) 382-4711

Other Resorts with Wave Pools

Kidz World
Aguinaldo Highway Corner Governor’s Drive San Agustin 1, Dasmarinas, Cavite
(46) 416-3110

Dream Wave Resort
Barangay Turo, Bocaue Bulacan
0917-516 2904

St. Agatha Resort
St. Agatha Homes, Sta Rita Guiguinto Bulacan
(44) 794-7007

Villa Concepcion Wet & Wild Waves
Masuso Pandi, Bulacan
0917-892 6485

Tierra Fontana 12 Waves Resort
San Jose del Monte Bulacan
0922-337 9623

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